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MIOSA Constitution

The Office of the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA) is an institution which regulates the interaction and provides for alternative dispute resolution between persons conducting business within the automotive industry in South Africa and consumers, and also among participants in the motor and related industries. As its vision, the Motor Industry Ombudsman is striving to contribute to the continuous improvement of customer care, as well as relationships among participants in the motor industry to the benefit of all parties.

The MIOSA's mission is to primarily defend the independence of the Motor Industry Ombudsman's office while tirelessly striving to educate consumers and motor related service providers alike, in achieving higher levels of customer care and cordial relationships within the motor industry. Once achieved, the MIOSA intends to see that these higher levels in customer care and relationships are maintained and further improved.

The objectives of the MIOSA are threefold. Firstly, it makes rulings in cases referred to it where disgruntled consumers on the one hand and dealers / manufacturers / importers / service providers on the other, are unable to reach mutually acceptable agreements.

Secondly, the MIOSA - by means of the printed media, radio and television - educates consumers on procedures to be followed regarding service, costs and the handling of complaints. In a nutshell; the Motor Industry Ombudsman endeavours to save time, money and frustration for both Industry and the consumer.

Thirdly, the MIOSA gives general advice to, and adjudicates in disputes among participants in the Motor Industry where parties, by general or specific agreement, refer disputes for adjudication, by way of arbitration or otherwise, to the MIOSA.

The MIOSA is not a consumer council that automatically sides with the consumer. In essence it represents both industry and the consumer. It acts as a referee between the industry and the consumer and among industry participants. It utilises good engineering practice, good customer care practice, good legal practice, and fairness as a basis in its deliberations.